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Drew Scott's Hilarious 'Resting Dad Face' Photo Perfectly Describes Every New Parent's Struggles

Drew Scott clearly loves every part of fatherhood, including the not-so-fresh parts of it. On July 27, Scott posted a photo of himself with his newborn son, and this picture perfectly describes the situation. Scott wrote, “RDF (Resting Dad Face). This is the look when you just heard the 💩.”

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In the photo, we see his and Linda Phan’s newborn son Parker sleeping so soundly in his jammies, but Scott knows danger is afoot. As every parent knows, when you get that sniff of poop, it’s all over; and Scott’s face tells it all.

Phan couldn’t help but make this hilarious moment even cuter by commenting, “But the sweetest poop ever.” And then there’s Scott’s twin brother Jonathan, who couldn’t help but poke fun at his brother. Jonathan also commented, “I think being on diaper duty is your true calling 😂.”

Phan and Scott met during Toronto Fashion Week over a decade ago in 2010, marrying in Italy eight years later in 2018. Drew and Phan recently welcomed their bundle of joy Parker James in May 2022, after 44 hours of labor. He actually arrived on a very special date, specifically on their fourth wedding anniversary. “Parker decided to come very efficiently on our anniversary. He’s stealing the show. It’s no longer about you and me on our anniversary,” Drew joked on his and Phan’s popular At Home podcast.

Drew also added that fatherhood is “amazing,” simply adding: “Our new baby boy, he’s a healthy baby, he’s adorable.”


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