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67-Year-old’s allegedly, of course, witnessed child to the world

In China, a 67 has brought-Year-old, according to media reports, a healthy daughter by caesarean. “The child was given to us both from the sky,” said the 68-year-old father the news Website according to its reporters to have visited the Pair in hospital in the city of Zaozhuang.

The birth on Friday was no complications, mother and child are doing well, it was called accordingly. The girl is currently still in intensive care. The condition of the mother is comparable with other Pregnant women, said a supervising nurse.

As the 67-Year-old had gone in April to the hospital, and because of numerous complaints, investigate, have you actually thought this would be related to your Menopause together. But you have to know that she was in the third month of pregnancy. The Couple did not initially believe, and was also embarrassed, told the man, according to the Website. But they had decided against the advice of the hospital, to get the child, because it was “a gift from the heavens”.

Nevertheless, I made the Pair in the run-up, some Worry: “My wife is for a long time been sickly and had said a cerebral infarction, high blood pressure, Arthritis and Diabetes,” the father of the child. You have to take many medications. “She was afraid that our daughter would not be healthy.”

40-year-old sister breaks off contact to parents

As the state-run newspaper Global Times reported, the girl with the name tin Chi a 18-years-older niece and siblings that should be around 40 years older According to reports, one of the sisters to have contact with their parents aborted when she learned of the pregnancy of her mother. “I don’t care what my other children say,” said the father, now the “Global Times”.

In the Twitter-like short message service Weibo, the birth of the child, criticism can be called. Users accused the parents selfishness. “In your advanced age, you are not able to take care of a child, and the pressure loads on the older siblings,” wrote one user. Other users questioned whether the Couple because of his violation of the since 2016, the current Two-child policy would be punished.

By the introduction of the Two-child policy, the birth rate in the people’s Republic has not increased as much as expected. However, more older women choose for a second child.

Even if the reports suggest it is, and the Couple even claimed, remained a medical statement as to whether the parents have begotten the child is actually in a natural way. In Central Europe, women have, on average, with 52 years of your last ovulation, after which ova Mature more. Women with desire to have children in this age range are therefore dependent on artificial insemination and egg donation.

Pregnancy beyond Menopause can be problematic, as the cardiovascular System and the entire organism with age is weaker and the Hormone changes that altered the reproductive organs strong. The uterus is a hormone-dependent muscle in the front of the Menopause the mucosa to the implantation of the fertilized egg, builds up and the mucous membrane is repelled, if no pregnancy occurs. After Menopause, the hormone concentrations and the uterus muscle change.

Despite the increased risks, there are always reports about mothers over 50. About three years ago about an Indian woman was for the first Time with 70 years old mother. A well-known case in Germany, the four of a kind birth of Annegret Raunigk with the age of 65 years. Both women were artificially inseminated.