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Pamela Mature: Superfood to the dream figure

A well-toned Body, as Pamela presented Mature in their social networks, is not only the result of sweaty work in the gym. The popular Influencerin, the impact is currently around 3.7 million Fans, knows that a Sixpack is made in the kitchen.

Pamela Mature: "Am not a Fan of Zucker"

“I try to consume food as natural as possible and my meals at home to prepare. So I know what’s in my food and that I do not take any preservatives or dyes to me. I’m also not a Fan of sugar and waivers, largely. If I sweet, with coconut sugar, agave syrup or honey. And instead of wheat bread bread made from rye or spelt lands full of corn on my plate. Also, I have to travel nuts or dried fruit, but I am a total Riegelfan. Also right now a big part of my suitcase is full of it,“ says Pamela Mature in an Exclusive Interview with FIT FOR FUN.

Eat healthy food such as Pamela Mature – you can also

Who wants to eat as healthy and balanced as a fitness model, you can get a little bit of Pam-Feeling to the Breakfast table. Because the 22-Year-old brings in cooperation with The Rainforest Company, a new fruit puree on the market that can be used at home to prepare delicious and healthy Smoothies or Acai Bowls.

“Pam's organic Acai puree“ is made of high quality organic Acai berries from the Amazon rain forest won. The berries are frozen from certified small farmer cooperatives, wild-harvested, and immediately after the harvest shock in order to obtain their maximum nutritional value.

“Acai berries contain up to ten times more antioxidants than blueberries or Goji berries, are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and fiber, and therefore my absolute favorite Superfood” so Mature. 24 servings of 100 grams costs 48 euros and are eklusiv in REWE supermarkets and online (for example,

Secret tip from Pamela Mature for you!

Pamela Mature Smoothiesund Bowls, without milk loves: “I give a banana, frozen strawberries or blueberries and oat-, rice – or almond milk in the blender. On normal milk I give up completely, and I’m also not a Fan of soy milk,“ she says FIT FOR FUN, and reveals a secret tip: A small Zucchini in the Smoothie makes it just as creamy as the bananas, but sweet.“

Katharina Klein

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