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Oprah Just Dished Up All The Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need

If you’re anything like us, Oprah’s word is gospel. On everything. Period. Especially when it comes to relationships. Which is why we found ourselves (quite literally) taking notes while watching her chat all things ~lurve~ with BFF Gayle King in The OG Chronicles.

Throughout the video series, which launched on Tuesday, the pair responds to curly questions from fans about dating and bless us with recounts of their own personal experiences.

“Dating is more complicated than ever right now, so I hear,” the 64-year-old begins. “So, we’re here to answer your most complicated questions. We cannot promise any miracles. No, there are none. But we can promise some opinions.”

Their first topic to tackle? “How to keep the excitement alive in a long-term relationship.” Which is when Oprah delivered this solid gold nugget of advice on exactly what not to do:

“Once I tried this. This was so many years ago. And I got the whole negligee thing and I’m standing at the stairs when he comes in, and he literally comes in, Stedman, walks right past me and says ‘What are you doing?’”

That’s when King chimes in with an even “better” story. The CBS TV show host once wrapped herself in Glad wrap and put on a trench coat for her then-husband William Bumpus. She recalls: “He went, ‘what is that?’ So that’s not good for your ego.”

As for what to do, she recommends finding out what actually gets him going.

“Ask him, ‘what would be spicy?’ Because you could be standing there in [Glad] wrap or you could be wrapping yourself up as a pretzel doing calisthenics. You could get limber, and he’s like, ‘what is that?’ So, you’d say, ‘what would be the sexiest thing I could do?’ or ‘what really turns you on?’”

“For me, I gotta say making cornbread kinda serves the purpose. I made some cornbread yesterday and you would have thought I stripped myself butt-naked. Like, a little cornbread and black-eyed peas go a long way in my house.”

You can watch the ep below to hear their other glorious tidbits (read: whether to trade passwords with your partner and if it’s OK to sleep with someone on a first date.)

Oprah, we couldn’t love you more if we tried.

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