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No motivation to exercise: Six exercises for people who hate exercise

Gyms are reopening next week and many Brits will be rejoining the gym in a bid to lose lockdown flab. However, some people can’t think of anything worse than going to the gym. Here are six exercises that don’t feel like exercise.


Yes, that’s right. You burn calories while you sleep, so the more you sleep the more you burn.

Nutritionist Hannah Richards commented: “As a general rule we do not rest enough and sleep, rest and repair is where the weight loss happens.

“In the circadian cycle the body wants to wake and sleep with the Sun and the Moon, it is all in a rhythm.

“From 6am until 12pm, we are in accelerating activity zone.

“From 12pm to 6pm we are in the decelerating activity zone.

“Between 6pm and 10pm we are in the wind-down mode as the Sun drops and we dim the lights.

“We then start to repair physically from 10pm to 2am until 6am.

“We also repair psychologically during this time.”

Our bodies burn calories while we sleep, especially during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep stage.

The amount of calories burnt each night depends on your body weight and how long you sleep.

A person who weighs 150 lbs might burn 46 calories an hour or between 322 and 414 calories a night.

A person who weighs 185 lbs might burn around 56 calories an hour, or between 392 and 504 calories for a full night of sleep.

Hannah recommends going to bed an hour earlier and getting up an hour later, adding an extra two hours of sleep a night.

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Cleaning and DIY

As much as you hate mopping the floor or building that bookshelf, the jobs have to be done.

Not only is this productive and good for your mental wellbeing, you will burn calories too.

DIY and cleaning tasks will encourage your body to work up a sweat, and you won’t even realise you’re exercising.

Cleaning your house burns nearly 200 calories an hour for women, and more than 200 in men.

Home repairs will cause you to sweat a little more, causing you to use up around 117 calories for men and 101 for women in just 30 minutes.

Washing your car is a simple way to burn an extra 59 calories for women and 67 for men.


We all know sex gets you hot and sweaty but did you know it could count as exercise?

That’s right, half an hour in the sheets burns 60 calories for men, and 53 for women.

Depending on the positions you get into, you can even target specific muscles!

Who needs to get sweaty on a treadmill when this is an option?

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Whether you’re getting your weekly shop or strolling around the local shopping centre, you will rack up hundreds or thousands of steps.

If you have a big shopping day, you could have walked miles without realising.

You can even tone up by lifting items, pushing the trolley and carrying bags all day.

Switch from online delivery to collection and head to the shops to pick up that new outfit to burn some extra calories.


If you haven’t tried meditation before, now might be the time.

Not only is meditation relaxing, and the perfect way to unwind before bedtime, it is a workout.

Men will burn around 60 calories in half an hour of meditation, and women will burn 53.

Yep, you can potentially lose weight from just sitting down and focussing on relaxing.

Although meditation alone won’t cause you to lose a life-changing amount of weight, when paired with other activities listed above you will notice a difference.


Whether you switch on the radio and move your body by yourself or get the whole family involved, dancing will work up a sweat.

This activity is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Danced-themed video routines burn a crazy amount of calories, at 240 calories in just half an hour for men, and 209 for women!

Different dance styles are more effective than others, though, with Colombian Cumbia dancing burning a whopping 189 calories in half an hour for women, and 217 for men.

Other forms of dance, like ballet, modern and jazz, will burn around 167 calories in men and 145 in women in 30 minutes.

If you love your salsa, flamenco and swing, don’t worry, in half an hour you’ll still burn 150 calories if you’re a man, and 131 if you’re a woman.

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