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Never really making up: woman with eyelashes of the eyes of ink is broken – Video

A 50-year-old woman in Australia, a foreign body sensation defendant in her eyes. Under your eyelids, the Doctors found then, black particles. There were deposits of their mascaras, which were already axes with the eyes.

This case has already been taken care of in the past year caused quite a stir, and it should not be forgotten. He reminded of the importance of Removing make-up for the health.

Because a 50-year-old woman in Australia had paid their poor makeup hygiene, almost with your eyes: Theresa Lynch went to the doctor because they felt a foreign body sensation in both eyes. As the eyes, the eyelids of the patient, the doctor raised, she made a creepy discovery: Countless black dots had collected there and partly in the eyelid drilled.

25 years of mascara – without Removing make-up

Each time you Wink, you scratched on the eyeball of the woman, which had led to cracks in the cornea. The Doctor diagnosed also conjunctivitis. Compared to the "Daily Mail" Dr Dana Robaei: “expressed, the cracks Would have lit up in the eye, could blind the patient.”

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In the cause of research, it turned out that the patient used more than 25 years daily, a lot of mascara, she had not in the evening making up. The black dots were the Remains of her Mascara that had accumulated over the years on the eyelids and solidified.

Make-up should be embarrassed to be carefully removed otherwise damage could be caused

The Doctor performed a 90-minute Operation to remove them. Doctor and patient warn at DailyMail against the risks of insufficient removal of Make-Up. Dana Robaei, said: “We should be doing when Removing the eye Make-Ups meticulously” – otherwise, damage to the eye threaten. The 50-Year-old anyway, now her life from the scar tissue of your mascara Operation will be affected.

Dana Robaei, who is also a lecturer at the medical faculty of the University of Sydney, published the case also in the magazine “Ophthalmology” American Academy of ophthalmology in may 2018.