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Model runs the Hamburg Marathon in a Bikini – behind a sad reason

“I want to be noticed,” says the 25-Year-old in an interview with MOPO. “The people at the track ask themselves: Who is this? Why does it do that?“

What may seem at first glance like a PR stunt, it has a serious Background. The choice-Munich-wants to make up with the action on the disease Multiple sclerosis (MS) and collect donations.

"I want to kämpfen&quot for my mom;

A real affair of the heart. Marina is personally affected. Your mother is suffering from MS. “I want to fight for my mom. She is an Inspiration for me and my biggest Fan.“ She wanted to work with a commitment to ensuring that people with MS get better therapies that more research is being conducted “and that the disease may one day be healed”.

More than 30 Marathons, ran the student (BWL/VWL), their first in Paris in 2015, and you can’t get enough of. Since the second Marathon she is running next to the challenge and the fun for a good cause-and, therefore, always in special Outfits. “I was a bee, ladybug, Fairy, unicorn, or Batman,” Marina, who has also worked as a model at the beginning of the studies, by the way.

Why now, of all things, a Marathon in a Bikini?

Marina has been detected due to their specific history by a well – known Hamburg-based swimwear and underwear Label as a brand Ambassador. For your 42 kilometres in a Bikini, the company donates to the German MS society.

On the question of whether you fear that it could be in a Bikini (or Monokini) to cold, must Marina laugh out loud. “No, no!”, waving from the glad nature. “I ran in Minus 20 degrees in Siberia on the frozen lake Baikal. I’m tough.“

Endurance miracle, and voice talent

Marathon is no longer long enough. “I wanted more. I need a challenge, want to go to the limits,“ explains the blonde stamina miracle that speaks the languages of five languages (English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandarin). It may also be extremely happy. Ultra-Run. She ran on four continents, through deserts and on mountains, has mastered the way of St. James on the run.

Their biggest adventure yet: The Khardung La Challenge, a 72-Km race in the Himalayas over 5000 meters of altitude. “That was really crass.” The next big race: The Comrades Marathon in South Africa in June, an impressive 90 kilometers long. Their biggest project but it wants to drag the end of the summer: “1000 miles in 15 days. I would be the world’s youngest wife, who has managed to do.“

The Hamburg Marathon is a preparation run, the Marina and enjoy the good thing to use. The path is the goal – and the proud mommy is waiting for you on Sunday.

This article was written by Nils Weber