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Meet The Two Friends Behind #StyleNotSize

Normally, being seen in the exact same outfit as another on a night out is a fashion faux-pas. It’s the reason why outfit ideas are discussed and exchanged on the group WhatsApp, all so that when the evening rolls around and we meet up with friends, there’s no doubling-up. After all, we’re not Britney and Justin re-living their glory days of double-denim dressing. 

But while matching outfits with close friends might not be something you do purposely on evenings out, two friends are making it a point to do just that in an effort to promote body-positivity. New York-based duo Denise Mercedes Marte and Maria Castellanos make it an everyday thing to dress the same and share the videos on their separate TikTok pages. But this just isn’t a case of celebrating friendship, it’s also about celebrating style at any size, hence the hashtag #Stylenotsize. 

By showcasing side-by-side looks, the two prove that good fashion isn’t limited to just one size, regardless of what we’ve been taught by fashion magazines or social conditioning. Whether it’s donning a slinky, slip dress or a crop top and jeans, the duo illustrate that when you’re confident in your body, you can pull off anything – there are no rules when it comes to fashion. 

As Castellanos explains, “We shouldn’t be confined to what society tells us is the correct thing to wear for specific sizes.”

The duo first got the idea for the series in 2019 when they posted a photo in matching bikinis to Instagram. “A lot of positivity came from that post,” says Marte. “About a year later, when I joined TikTok, I told her we should do the same idea of wearing the same thing – but this time into a video and do transitional looks.” 

More than 3.7 million followers watch the pair share their matching looks and the message is one that has resonated deeply with audiences around the world, with women everywhere feeling inspired to dress however they want, regardless of their size. “We think it’ll help people start wearing what they think they can’t wear, and start to step out of their comfort zone,” says Marte.

Even so, the pair acknowledge that as far as fashion goes, there’s still much left to be desired when it comes to brands that promote inclusivity and cater to a range of different sizes. “It’s actually quite hard to find pieces; not a lot of brands are size-inclusive,” says Castellanos. “It takes us so much time finding something we like and something that everyone will be able to wear. We look for natural colours for every skin tone, stretchy materials, and quality.”

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