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Manuela ill Schwesig breast cancer

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig has breast cancer and put down because of that office as acting SPD Chief. The 45-Year-old announced at a Cabinet meeting in Schwerin.

The cancer was curable, because of the therapy could not Schwesig perceive, however, in the coming months, all public appointments. "After intensive discussions with my treating Doctors, I am very confident that I’ll be back completely healthy. Therefore, I have decided to take on the office of the Prime Minister and the party chair here in the country, more auszuüben", said Schwesig. "However, it is also clear that I-Vorpommern in the coming months of my powers, of Mecklenburg -, my health and my family needs to focus. Therefore, I’m going to my party offices at the Federal level niederlegen", the 45-Year-old.

Breast cancer in Germany is by far the most common cancer in women. Almost three out of ten affected women are younger than 55 years old, if you get the diagnosis, such as the German cancer information service informs.

In the early stages, sufferers do not have any complaints. Nevertheless, there are signs that may indicate cancer. Women notice the following changes, you should go to the doctor and not until the next screening test wait:

  • new any hardening or lumps in the breast
  • Swelling in the armpit, below the collarbone or near the breast bone
  • so far not discernible differences in the shape or size of the Breasts
  • Changes in the nipple such as Retraction of the nipple, clear or bloody secretions changes in the skin, such as skin redness, inflammation, bumps, dimples, or enlarged pores (Orange peel)

Phone action to Krebsprävention

The German cancer aid and the German cancer research center, in the start of them proclaimed "National Krebspräventionswoche" a consulting offensive.

From the 10. to 13. September 2019 to inform professionals about avoidable cancer risk factors. The Advisory services are free of charge phone 0800 – 420 30 40 and 0800 – 80 70 88 77.

The National cancer prevention week in the future take place regularly once a year.

A guide to the Palpation of the breast with pictures compiled by the Association breast cancer Germany e. V. in a brochure to Download.

In addition, there are screening tests that are paid for by statutory health insurance funds. Starting at 30, women can go once a year to the gynecologist, the sweeping caves of the breast and the armpit. Between 50 and 69 years, women all have two years to claim on a mammogram.

Many Doctors recommend a mammogram, or a quality-assured ultrasound examination (sonography) from the age of 40 years, because the condition numbers grow significantly. These investigations must be paid by insured patients, however even.


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