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Le Creuset's Spring 2019 Collection Will Add a Little Zen to Your Kitchen

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s that we could all lose the excess in our lives and embrace the zen And if you’ve been watching her show on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, then your once-ghastly bedroom and closet, even if for the next few days, is the most pristine and decluttered it’s ever been. And now Le Creuset wants to help you add a little zen to your kitchen. 

How? With its new collection of cookware. Called “The New Calm,” the collection comes in four very distinctly serene hues, described in their press release as “compelling yet uncomplicated, rich yet purposeful and restrained.”

“New beginnings. Intentional simplicity. Like a breath of fresh air, our calming new hues are here,” Le Creuset writes on its website.

The spring 2019 color palette includes four calming colors: Meringue, Sea Salt, Fig and Coastal Blue, and we want ‘em all.


Round Dutch oven in Meringue, $380 at Le Creuset

Meringue is described as a luxurious ivory tone inspired by the classic French confection. It’s “soft, soothing and elegant.”

Sea Salt

Round Dutch oven in Sea Salt, $380 at Le Creuset

Sea Salt is a blue-green hue, “inspired by the subtle tones of fleur de sel.”


Round Dutch oven in Fig, $380 at Le Creuset

Fig is our favorite. It’s a comforting and complementary deep violet with subtle shades of brown.

Coastal Blue

Round Dutch oven in Coastal Blue, $150 at Le Creuset

For those who want to infuse their kitchen with the sights and feels of a quaint coastal town, Coastal Blue is described as “airy and inviting” and “evokes clear morning skies.”

In Le Creuset’s press release, The New Calm color palette was “inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality.”

All four colors are available on Le Creuset’s website in a variety of cast iron and stoneware items, including skillets, raisers, woks, Dutch ovens, Balti dishes, saucepans and more.

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