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Khedira: OP due to heart rhythm disorder

Professional football player Sami Khedira underwent surgery on the heart. Previously had been detected in the 31-Year-old heart rhythm disorders. The intervention was successful: In about a month, the footballer should be operational again, as his club Juventus Turin.

At the beginning of the week, Khedira complained after the workout about heart problems, then it all went very quickly: the very next day a electric, was performed physiological investigations to determine the exact cause of the arrhythmia. The procedure: a so-called catheter ablation followed are laid desolate, when the parts of the heart tissue. This is done via a catheter, either by using electricity or a cold balloon. At the Points where the heat or cold comes in contact with the tissue, then produces a ring-shaped scars around the veins approach.

Basically, the catheter ablation is considered to be a relatively gentle therapy, which comes only rarely to complications. Also Khedira has endured the surgery and will be in about a month again. On the evening of the soccer players on Instagram called his Fans: "Everything is perfect, and after a short break, I’m going to play again können", he writes.

Among the warning signs that a heart rhythm disorder felt can make, an irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, malaise, chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness to loss of consciousness. Who noticed these symptoms should have a doctor check.


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