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Jennifer Lawrence Fitness Tips – Better Than Dieting

Eating what you want and when should be your free will! This is what Jennifer Lawrence lives her life by as she finds it annoying to restrict your diet. The actress in a recent interview said instead of cutting back on her food choices, she would rather do double time in the gym.

Having to work long hours on campaigns and movie sets, Lawrence notes she gets all daily daily tasks done, both business-related and eating. Getting the body she wants while eating a slice of pizza, is Jennifer’s way of saying ‘you control your weight’.

But what about dieting that she detests so much? It’s people always telling what they can only do or eat while depriving themselves of food they love.  

Funny enough being in the eyes of “unseen paparazzi”, Lawrence knows the importance of staying in good shape as the pressure to fit the image the public wants is not easy. Speaking with a Vogue rep, Jennifer said she would rather put in extra time in working out to look her best and fit into any clothes as desires.  

The energy put into “oh no, I can’t eat that”, is quoted by the actress as being much harder to live by than simply spending an additional hour in working out. Her rigorous workout routine consists of cardio and pilates which she does with gym trainer Kit Rich 

Unlike many others in the industry the Hunger Games: Mockingjay actress expresses her interest in low-toned makeup, just being a sunblock, and light Dior Lip Gloss. Cool huh?! This natural look is the perfect match for the well-toned figure the actress sports. 

So the next time you go shopping for groceries, it is ok to pick up a bar of chocolate! Spending an extra 10 mins in the gym could easily get that off while you enjoy something you love. 

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