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How does the unconditional basic income?

What is the basic income? Every citizen, whether poor or rich – gets a monthly amount is expected to currently with 1000 Euro from the state. Instead of getting services, such as children or the unemployed money, there are only this amount – and for all. For employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed. How is the financing? Finance the experts want to win the project with a higher level of taxation: 50 percent of salary, dividends and Share

go to the state. In 2015, the Sozialetat located at 888 billion euros. You could Finance a monthly basic income of 1000 Euro. Expenditure would be equally borne by capital and labor. Concrete statement: A University Professor with a € 120,000 a year salary would pay 50 percent taxes, but at the same time 12,000 euros in annual income. You would pay a net tax of 48,000 euros, which would equate to 40 percent. In the case of a cleaning aid, with 24,000 Euro annual salary, the net would be the tax rate at zero. Why All the fuss? Jobs as we know them today, will there be significantly less. The Work itself will change. Longer recovery periods are good for Motivation, but also for the health. Less work allows for opportunities for further education, self-realization, commitment or Care for the family. Criticism of the concept: critics disagree, they fear that a basic income makes people lazy and alcoholism promotes. Heavy and unattractive work would hardly want to still make someone. Advocates say that people could be freed from fear, free and less uptight in their work and more productive. Everyone would benefit from this.