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High blood pressure: The small food that ‘significantly’ reduces hypertension in ‘weeks’

High blood pressure: Lifestyle changes to reduce reading

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High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension, can cause further health complications, such as heart attacks and strokes. What’s more, the condition doesn’t show many noticeable signs. However, research highlights one small food to be able to lower high blood pressure in weeks.

High blood pressure is the long-term force of blood against your artery walls that is high enough to trigger health problems, the Mayo Clinic describes.

About a third of British adults suffer from this condition in the UK.

What’s worse, many might not even be aware of it due to the lack of warning signs, the NHS reports.

According to research published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, asparagus could help reduce hypertension in weeks.

The research looked at the effects of powdered asparagus bottom-stems and cladophylls.

These parts offer “various pharmacological effects”, yet they tend to get discarded at harvesting.

In general, asparagus is low in calories but rich in vitamins and nutrients, including fibre and folate.

The study looked at 28 volunteers who consumed either cladophyll or bottom-stem powder.

Also, 17 participants out of the total number were diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which describes a cluster of conditions including higher blood pressure and blood sugar, excess body fat and cholesterol.

The study subjects ingested six grams of this asparagus powder daily for 10 weeks.

Both of the asparagus powders lead to a “significant” reduction of blood pressure and fasting blood glucose.

The study concluded that asparagus cladophylls and bottom-stems “differentially improve” hypertension.

Why can asparagus lower blood pressure?

According to Blood Pressure UK, asparagus is “particularly high in potassium”.

And the mineral goodie is well-documented for busting high blood pressure reading.

Potassium affects how much fluid is stored in your body and how much gets released.

The problem occurs when your body holds onto water, which will result in more fluid being in your blood as well.

This consequently puts extra pressure against your artery walls, boosting your blood pressure.

To remove excess fluid from your blood, you need a “fine balance” of sodium and potassium.

Too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and make your body hold onto more water.

However, potassium can help you pull the water out of your blood into the kidneys.

The charity concluded: “By eating more foods that are high in potassium, you can help to restore the balance, allowing the kidneys to work well and lower your blood pressure.”

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