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Health coach warns: Therefore, your bananas should never eat for Breakfast Video

Bananas are considered to be the Superfood par excellence: The potassium value of the high level of Vitamin B6 is good for your heart, content strengthens the nerves. Because bananas are very healthy and filling, eat as many you like as a quick Breakfast. However, a health coach claims that that’s not a good idea.

Daryl gioffre has developed a proprietary approach to eating and explained to the British Blog “Byrdie” that the body could not absorb the nutrients of a banana without the addition of fat. After eating the fruit of the blood increases the sugar level and the acidity level will shoot in the height. Best offer on

The banana offers a quick energy boost – but only briefly. It fatigue and Hunger, quickly follow. Because bananas contain about 25 percent sugar. As a result, the insulin level rises quickly, but after a short time. This promotes food cravings. The yellow fruit you need, but not from the Breakfast to banish: If you eat a banana with sugar-free yogurt or almonds, you can hold the body with the essential nutrients.