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“Fast Food is child abuse”

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr Sükar, why have you years to realize that Fast Food is unhealthy?

Harald Sükar: of Course, I knew that burgers and fries are fattening. During my time at McDonalds I’m breathing but every day, the company philosophy, and after it arrives on the lot and if the people move enough. Today I know that in a Burger-Boulette’s nothing in it, which is part of a healthy diet.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How did the meaning change?

Sükar: two years Ago I weighed 111 kilograms at a body height of approximately 1.77 meters. It was not good to me and I wondered how it could happen. So I started to read studies about healthy eating. I changed my eating habits radically, waivers, for example, meats. My environment was annoyed by my obsession, some said I should leave you alone and prefer to write a book. The initial spark came but it was only as an eight-year-old child was diagnosed in my environment, Diabetes and a fatty liver.

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SPIEGEL ONLINE: if I May ask, how much do you weigh now?

Sükar: About 89 Kilograms. I’m not lost but I just weight, for me also it better. I am much clearer in my head. Before, I often felt as if in a daze.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In your book you write: “Fast Food is child abuse”. Don’t you find that an exaggeration?

Sükar: The quote is originally from a British politician. I took it over, because I think it’s justified. Children can not defend themselves, when adults drag in Fast Food Restaurants. On sugar and fat act like a narcotic, they become addicted to. A friend of mine has told me that he was with his three-year-old son Recently for the first Time at McDonalds. Since then, the Little screams every Time according to fries, if you pass a store.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: and to is Fast Food but okay, or?

Sükar: No. Today, I would go with children never in a Fast Food Restaurant, even exceptionally. A Menu of Big Mac, medium French fries, a 0.4 Liter Cola and ice cream for dessert includes 119 grams of sugar, Ketchup not included. The world health organization recommends for children and young people, a maximum of 25 grams per day. With only one meal a child has met the need for Sugar by almost five days. This can’t be healthy.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why are Fast Food Restaurants, especially in children, are so popular?

Sükar: There may be loud, with fingers to eat, even order, to get a toy. In my day there was still the Junior club for children, then for my birthday Post from McDonald’s got. For many, it was probably the first letter she ever received.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: do you Want to with your book with McDonald’s to settle?

Sükar: I have no grudge against McDonalds. On the contrary, I enjoyed working there and the company at the time, has other reasons for leaving. From my point of view, it is an incredibly efficient company. I would hope, however, that this efficiency is used to do Good to the people, to provide them with healthy food.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Many Fast-Food chains to print on the packaging how many calories a Burger contains. That’s not enough?

Sükar: Just to know, how many calories you are absorbing, is not enough. On the nutrients it is. I asked for the fun time at McDonald’s, whether it is true that the food contains phosphates. As a response, I got the note, even on the Website to check. I find the naughty. Consumers should have the information-consuming search. And even if you find them, you can start often little, they are not nutrition experts.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What needs to change?

Sükar: I am in favour of clear labelling, for example, a traffic light system. Then each customer could immediately recognize how unhealthy a product is. A sugar tax as in the UK, I also find good because unhealthy food would be more expensive. Included in my time, people with little income especially to the most loyal customers who came up to five times a week to us. The greatest Power lies with consumers. If you do not want the junk food more, you have to Almost rethink-Food chains.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How can McDonald’s ever to earn money, if a Hamburger is just a Euro cost?

Sükar: The largest margin to bring drinks and chips. Therefore, McDonald’s wants customers to order as Menu. Originally, there were only a small beaker with 0.3 liters and a large 0.5 Liter. Six out of ten customers opted for the small drink. So we 0,75-litre, a led Cup, and the customers asked whether you want a small, medium or large drink. And lo and behold: Suddenly the most took 0.5 liters. Not because they really wanted to drink so much, but because customers opt in most cases for the average serving size. And we had brought the sugar bomb to the customers.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: you now work as a business consultant, among other things, for a social catering project. Has this something to do with your book?

Sükar: I have the feeling, something to make up for to want to. In the project-baking grandmas and grandpas who have little income in front of customers and earn something, and are less lonely.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is the cake not too unhealthy?

Sükar: Yes, but we do not do so, as he was healthy and use, for example, household sugar. Is less unhealthy than corn syrup, which is used in many Fast Food products. In addition, we point to the sugar content.