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Epilepsy often detected too late: expert advises parents to go for certain signs quickly to the doctor

The signs of certain forms of epilepsy are difficult to interpret. Therefore, a Rostock expert, says parents should rather go quickly to the doctor.

In the case of infants, in the view of the Rostock medicine Professor Astrid be careful a certain Form of epilepsy is not commonly recognized in a timely manner. This is the so-called BNS-seizures, said be careful of the German press Agency, before the information event "Life with Epilepsie" on Monday in the University children’s clinic.

BNS stand for Blitz-Nick-Salaam. The infants nod with the head, then the arms go forward and apart. "These children can einbrechen&quot in their development of solid;, the expert stressed. An early diagnosis is important in order to reduce with treatment, the risk of consequential damage. The therapy success with cortisone bumps. "This is the state of the science, and mostly leads to improvement."

Approximately five to ten children out of 1,000 suffer from any of the various forms of epilepsy. These range from large seizures, in which the arms and legs twitch violently to short-term absences, which are perceived from the outside. In the case of these Absences is the Problem, that they occur relatively frequently and with a recurring film cracks go hand in hand. To could problems it in the road, if the Affected realize that a car is approaching.

Unclear behavior: Constant inattention and frequent dreamy be

Be careful advised parents to bring in a non-specific behavior such as constant inattention or unusually frequent dreamy to be medical advice. She stressed that the majority of children with epilepsy have a normal development. The social contacts and also sports played an important role. "However, we recommend that children swim only under direct supervision." High climbing frames should be avoided and Cycling, should the children only with a helmet and not on the road.

The cause of the epilepsy disease may be genetic factors or accidents, lack of oxygen at birth, brain skin inflammation and metabolism. "For all types, epilepsy ist&quot though treatable, but in the end is usually not curable;, be careful said. The more importance of the care of the children to come. "They need our greatest attention, in order to haben&quot the best possible development opportunities;, the expert said.