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E-Bikes can improve the health of the brain

How does the Ride on an electric bike on the brain?

Doctors found out now that the use of Electric bicycles leads in the elderly to cognitive and psychological benefits with the use of a normal Bicycle comparable.

The scientists from the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University found in their recent study, cyclists were between the ages of 50 and 83 years of age, cognitive and psychological advantages when Driving with the Bicycle, it supports electric or Tretantrieb. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “PLOS One”.

Cycling improves in the elderly the well-being and the health of the brain. This also applies to the Drive of an electric Bicycle. (Picture: Kzenon – fotolia)

Mental health and well-being increased

The cognitive function of older adults is improved by Cycling, even if this is done with an electrically assisted Bicycle. In addition, researchers have found that some aspects of the mental health and well-being have increased in the Participants, if these eight weeks, one and a half hours with the E-Bike. It was great to see, what is the impact of the Cycling, in particular, the E-Bike, has had on the perception and well-being for a larger sample of subjects over a longer period of time, say the experts. The current study is the first that has investigated the impact of Cycling outside of a laboratory environment on the perception and well-being of older adults, add the researchers.

Cycling has a positive effect on the health of the brain

Contrary to expectations, the doctors found that people using E-Bikes, reported a greater improvement in brain function and mental well-being, as individuals who used normal bikes. The scientists suspect that the additional benefits of E-Bikes for older users, the increase in physical activity. The results did not meet the expectations of the experts, because they were of the opinion that the greatest Benefit would be the fact to use a normal Bicycle in order to achieve the cognitive and health benefits. The study confirmed that Bicycle travel a positive effect on the brain health of older people affects. Surprisingly have not had the advantages only with the added dimension of movement.

Advantages of electric Bicycle

The scientists assumed that a normal Bicycle use, people would achieve the greatest boost for the brain and mental health, as you pull your circulatory System the greatest Training. The group of subjects, the E-Bikes used, was brought in in the Outdoors with your bike, without physically strong to initiate proceedings in this, that the people felt mentally better, say the doctors. If a little bit of extra help by an electric motor helps more people to ride a bike, can relate to the positive impact of a higher age and in people who do not normally ride on the bike, a lot more people. Modern research has already shown that the wider therapeutic benefits of Cycling need to be taken Outdoor into consideration. Participants reported improvement in Self-awareness and self-esteem. With the E-Bike, they could explore their surroundings and with the people and the natural environment, knowing that you can go through the electronic support in a safe and Stress free home. (as)