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Drinking water in Krefeld with enterococci contaminated – health Department warns citizens

During a routine examination of drinking water was found for the area of Krefeld-Hüls, a load with enterococci. The water is contaminated with bacteria, which is why citizens should take special precautions, informed the public utilities.

Enterococci are bacteria that resemble streptococci. The cause for the stress will be sought from experts in the health office and the network operator’s NGN still, it said on Wednesday. Further samples were taken. Results or a possible all-clear are expected for the coming days.

Since these abnormalities can result in immunocompromised persons about to the case, informed the health Department as a precautionary measure, currently in Krefeld-the use of bushing, no tap water or water before use boil for the listed applications:

  • the preparation of food or food
  • the Washing of food such as salads, vegetables and fruit
  • brushing your teeth
  • medical purposes (cleaning of wounds, nasal rinse, etc.)

Citizens can contact the health Department

For any questions regarding the use of drinking water can turn to citizens in Krefeld, Germany, under the number 02151 / 86 35 02 or via Mail [email protected] to the health Department of the city of Krefeld. About the quality of the Krefeld drinking water, the NGN will have to 02151 / 98 30 00.

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