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Dr Zoe shares natural remedies that could soothe your cold

Dr Zoe shares natural remedies for colds

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Flu and Covid cases are not only straining the NHS but pharmacies as well. They are struggling to obtain cold and flu medicine amid nationwide shortages. Cough mixtures and lozenges seem to be hit especially hard, as the demand for over-the-counter medicines grows. Fortunately, some alternative treatments could help soothe your symptoms, according to Dr Zoe Williams.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Zoe said: “Colds are rife at the moment, flu is rife at the moment and Covid is still around. Therefore, there is an increased demand. People are buying more remedies to use at home.

“People are trying really, really hard to self-manage their illnesses… so people have been buying more.

“There’s a bit of a shortage but it’s shortage that’s in the shops and pharmacies. Product is being made and re-stocked all the time.”

If you’re struggling to get your hands on your go-to medicine – whether that’s Lemsip or soothers – there are some “natural” remedies that could come to rescue.

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