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Dead to sausage eating: How you a Listeria infection recognize and who is at risk

In Hesse, two people have died apparently due to infection with Listeria. According to the Robert Koch Institute there is a high probability that the bacteria had come were from pizza salami and boiled sausage of the company Wilke sausage. How an infection manifests, who is at risk and how you can avoid them.

Currently, suspects products of the company Wilke sausage to be called back were to be contaminated with Listeria, in the world.

Approximately one to two times per year in Germany, there are problems with Listeria in food. About 300 to 500 people are diagnosed per year in the germ. Deaths, however, are rather rare.

Where are Listeria?

Listeria are widely distributed in the environment. They are particularly common in raw foods such as meat, poultry and marine animals, as well as in raw milk products. Heat kills the germs normally.

However, Listeria are very resistant. You can reproduce even under a vacuum packaging, and from three degrees Celsius relatively quickly. They thrive so well in the refrigerator, in the usually at a temperature of about seven degrees.

What are the symptoms of an infection?

The infection presents with flu-like symptoms, with fever and pain in the limbs. Patients with a large amount of bacteria in contact, can diarrhea and vomiting.

The pathogen can cause certain at-risk groups also to inflammation of the small intestine, an inflammation of the brain or a blood skin poisoning. In such severe cases of listeriosis can be fatal.

In healthy people, listeriosis-called disease is, however, mostly harmless.

Who is at risk?

Particularly vulnerable are infants, young children and elderly or immune-weakened people. Risk of infection, particularly for Pregnant women: Premature births and miscarriages, and damage to the embryo are possible

How can Listeria infection be avoided?

An infection can be determined with the following tips from the Robert Koch-Institute avoid – especially Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system should note:

No food of animal origin raw materials consumed (i.e. raw milk products, raw meat such as Tartar, English Steak, Sushi, raw sausage)

Smoked or marinated fish to avoid (for example, vacuum-packaged smoked salmon, Graved salmon)

No pre – cut and packaged salads to eat

Food is the best always use it up quickly, even long before the expiry of the minimum durability date. This is especially true for vacuum goods are packaged.

Additionally, Listeria die at a temperature of 70 degrees. This temperature must be reached in the core of the life by means of at least two minutes long. Low temperatures and to survive the bacteria, however, without prejudice to. Also at minus 18 degrees, you, survive, not be able to reproduce, however.

What is the treatment for listeriosis?

Listeria are bacteria. An infection is treated over several weeks with antibiotics, all bacteria are killed.

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