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Celebrities Who've Tested Positive for COVID in 2021


More than 150 celebrities contracted coronavirus in 2020, and the numbers have continued to rise into the new year. Here are the stars who have opened up about testing positive in 2021.

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Andy Murray

Ahead of the Australian Open, the professional tennis player tested positive and will not be taking part in the annual tennis tournament.

“Andy Murray has advised that he has tested positive to COVID-19 and is isolating at home in the UK,” the tournament’s Twitter account announced in a statement on Jan. 14. “Unfortunately this means he will be unable to join the official AO charter flights arriving in Australia in the coming days to go through the quarantine period with the other players.”

The statement added: “The AO fans love Andy, and we know how much he loves competing here in Melbourne and how hard he’d worked for this opportunity.”

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Brielle Biermann

On Jan. 13, the reality star shared on her Instagram Stories that she has had the virus for about two weeks, and has been isolating while she recovers.

“I’ve had covid (still recovering but I’m doing good today!!)” she wrote in one slide, adding that it’s the first day in a long time that she’s worn makeup because she had several virtual meetings to attend while still quarantining.

“Shoutout to Kroy who has been delivering me my necessities at the stairs. He’s been bringing me all my clothes and food. He even brought me milk and cookies the other night,” Brielle said of her step-father — though her mom, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, later clarified on her own Instagram Story that it was she who provided the sweet treats.

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Jon Gosselin

In a clip from his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show on Jan. 14, Gosselin said he came close to being put on a ventilator after testing positive for the virus.

“So if your doctor thinks that even one more day of delay would have led you to being on a ventilator, which of course takes the mortality rate up dramatically, then you actually were walking that tightrope,” host Dr. Mehmet Oz told Gosselin, who is now recovering at home.

“Yeah, I had a really bad COVID pneumonia based upon my numbers,” Gosselin revealed. “Now, what’s interesting is I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel sick and I didn’t feel pain … but when you went to move or do anything and you felt so weak and you wanted to pass out, it was really scary.”

“If my urinals were full, I had to stand up and use the bathroom, I would fear it because I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to pass out. I can’t breathe,’ ” he continued. “I called the nurse and I felt guilty calling the nurse all the time. Like, ‘Can you just help me get this? Can you help me do that?’ Everything, you feel like an invalid.”

“You go from perfectly healthy one week to you can’t do anything the next week,” he added. “It was so weird. It’s still weird now.” 

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The singer told fans on Jan. 8 that she “finally got COVID but weirdly enjoying the Dayquil fever dream 2021.”

Grimes made the announcement on her Instagram Stories, but did not disclose exactly when she tested positive or if husband Elon Musk or son X Æ A-12 Musk have been affected by the virus.

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