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Beer on wine, wine on beer Makes the sequence make a difference?

Does the order of various drinks on the cat?

Many people consider the consumption of alcohol to the old rule: beer on wine, let wine on beer, I advise you. However, the order in which people alcoholic beverages consume, according to a recent study no effect on the Severity of the following cat.

The scientists from the University of Witten/Herdecke, discovered in their recent study that there is no ideal sequence for the use of various types of alcohol, which can reduce the following hangover. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.

Pay attention to the consumption of alcohol on these warning signs

To test the theory whether it makes a difference for a future hangover, taken and in what order various alcoholic drinks, gave the researchers a 90 student drinks in a different order and changed a week later, in another experiment, the order. The study found that the feeling of how drunk the people were and whether they passed, were the best indicators for the next day. People should pay attention to the consumption of alcohol on these warning signs in order to reduce the likelihood of the emergence of a cat, the experts advise.

Colours and flavours can intensify the hangover

Most people have their own ideas about what prevents a hangover and how this more bearable. But surprisingly there are only a few information about what exactly caused the hangover after the consumption of alcohol, yet there is no really efficient and reliable antidote, explain the scientists. It is believed that the causes of a hangover include: the presence of dehydration, our immune system, and disorders of the metabolism and hormones. Also dyes and flavors in ingested beverages can aggravate the soreness, which can lead to drinks can cause the same concentration of alcohol, a stronger hangover.

How was the attempt?

For the study, 90 students between the ages of 19 and 40 years of the University of Witten/Herdecke, were divided in Germany into three groups. The first group drank about two and a half Liter of beer, followed by four large glasses of white wine. The second group drank the same amount of alcohol, but in reverse order. The third group acted as a control group and drank either wine or beer. A week later, the subjects of the first two groups changed, while the Participants in the control group switched to the not-yet-recorded alcoholic beverage. The subjects were asked to judge how drunk you were at the end of each Study day, and stood overnight under a doctor’s supervision. To Change the order of consumption of the beverages had no significant difference on the following hangover, this emerged from the answers of the questionnaires.

Women get tends to be a stronger hangover