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Alcohol Allergy or just a violent hangover?

You have an Allergy to Alcohol – or „nur“ too much to drink? So you see the difference

Vomiting, headache, and Nausea after a sumpften weekend many &#8211 know; the hangover a (lighter) alcohol intoxication. Who’s always drinking too much, or even alcoholism suffers from the power loss, circulatory problems, cognitive complaints, and various other symptoms added. Some feel discomfort, but also, if you drink only a glass. Then you may be suffering from an alcohol Allergy.

The alcohol poisoning at the weekend

What we refer to as a hangover is nothing more than an alcohol intoxication. By fluid, vitamins and minerals we get this back into the handle.

Alcohol Allergy

If you make the night to the day and a Drink after the other pour, then the so-called hangover is a normal expression of a poisoning. If you are suffering but after a little alcohol, then you might have an Allergy to Alcohol.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of alcohol Allergy are nonspecific. They range from stomach problems to skin rashes to facial swelling and breathing problems. Fever, Sneezing, and swallowing difficulties often occur.


The term alcohol Allergy is widely used, medically, it may be the analgesics-Asthma-syndrome. Alcohol consumption, clogged nose, and so it comes to respiratory complaints, because the alcohol widens the blood vessels and the mucous membranes to swell.


Of an alcohol Allergy Sufferers are allergic or hypersensitive to alcohol because they lack an enzyme regulating the degradation of alcohol in the body.

Other Allergies

Often the victims do not have, however, the Problem with alcohol, but suffer from other allergies. You react so not to alcohol but to other substances in alcoholic beverages. The can be flavors, but also fruit acids. In red wine, sparkling wine, spirits, beer, and liquor is included, for example, histamine, and many people are allergic to. It is a histamine Allergy – not an alcohol Allergy.

What contains histamine?

Those who suffer from a histamine Allergy, you must not only avoid red wine, but ham, offal, Salami, smoked meat, fish, sea products, and long matured cheese.

Removal products

In the case of a „echten“ Alcohol Allergy react to the Affected irritated to acetaldehyde such as acetic acid, i.e. components and Degradation products of the alcohol. With one prick testing to prove that the medical professional is stroking a small dose of the substance on an open skin site.

How is it to be the reaction?

Acetaldehyde in the organism Compounds of protein. In the case of an Allergy, the immune system now attacks these Compounds. A Problem is that many Sufferers bring the reaction with the alcohol, since it starts too late.


Depending on the shutter doctor or health care professional Antihistamika or cortisone products prescribe. Until the cause is cleared, you should refrain from alcohol in any Form.

Asians are more likely to be affected

Under alcohol Allergy suffer and more people in Asia than in Europe. Medical historians suspect that this is due to the historically large consumption of alcoholic beverages in Europe. In medicine in the middle ages in Germany, people drank, for example, every day beer or wine, since Fermentation was one of the few methods that beverages make it durable. Prove this is not, however, especially given the early evidence of beer brewing comes from regions where for a long time of Islam the consumption of alcohol bans.


If you suffer from alcohol intolerance, there is only one way to fight it: Avoid alcohol. This also applies to chocolates or sauces with alcohol.

What can you do?

If you have any complaints after moderate alcohol consumption repeatedly, you should see a doctor to clarify whether it is an Allergy to Alcohol. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)