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A vegan diet is ideal for Diabetes

In the case of Diabetes, and vegan eating!

Many millions of people worldwide suffer from Diabetes or Diabetes-precursors. Your risk of cardiovascular death, disease is two to four times as high as in Non-diabetics. Since nutrition exerts a major influence on the typical diabetes values, but also on the cardiovascular health, the proper nutrition is a very important preventive, but also therapeutic measure in diabetics.

In a Review (Review), the 2018 in the Journal Clinical Nutrition appeared, analyzed the relevant researchers from nine randomised controlled trials with a total of 664 type 2 diabetic patients, in which the influence of vegan and vegetarian diets on Diabetes was investigated.

The blood sugar values improve, for a plant-based diet

It showed that those subjects who ate a plant-based, so vegetarian or vegan, lower in comparison to Non-vegetarians your cholesterol levels and weight were able to reduce what the heart-circulation-reduces alone risk. You managed to reduce your fasting blood sugar and also your long – term blood glucose value (Hba1c).

“The connection between Diabetes and cardiovascular disease is well known. 60 to 70 percent of type 2 diabetics die of diseases of the cardiovascular system,“ says study author Dr. Hana Kahleova, head of clinical research Department of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (physicians Committee for responsible medicine, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington DC, the vegan diet, preventive medicine and Alternatives to animal research).

Herbal diet patches at the same time heart problems and Diabetes

“The good news is,” Dr. Kahleova, “a simple measure, namely the change of diet to a plant-based diet, at the same time the risk for heart reduce problems and also type 2 Diabetes, the better.”

A plant-based diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals and legumes, in the above-mentioned health issues, therefore so useful because it is low in fat and hardly any food contains, the blood sugar level is irritated, such as Baking and pastry flour, sugar, sweets, soft drinks, etc. were off-white

In addition, such a diet large quantities of supply of secondary plant substances and dietary fiber, as well as foods with a low glycemic load keep blood sugar levels in balance.

It is not surprise, therefore, explain the researchers of the medical Committee, that a number of previous studies, and prospective, have shown cohort studies, how well a plant-based diet lower the risk for coronary heart disease, type-2 Diabetes, Obesity, and high blood pressure. Also the risk to die of a cardiovascular disease or other diseases take, if you eat a vegetarian or vegan.

Vegan eating with Diabetes: recipes

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