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Brenda Wu to Head Topix

Brenda Wu, the former SkinCeuticals general manager who went to Derma E as chief executive officer in August, has been appointed ceo of Topix Pharmaceuticals.
Topix acquired Derma E in May 2018, and also owns brands like Replenix, Citrix and Glycolix that are sold through the professional channel. In her new role as head of the parent company, Wu will continue to oversee operations at Derma E.
"Each business will definitely have a tailored plan because their markets and their customers are a little bit different," Wu said. "The end consumer is also a little bit different in terms of where she's shopping for skin care today and what she's looking for."
On the professional side, many customers already regularly consult with a skin-care professional, she said, and are seeking advice to customize their product experiences. The Derma E customer is looking for "the cleanest skin care that works," Wu said.
While those groups of consumers may seem different, Wu contends that there is overlap, and that even women going to their doctors for neurotoxin procedures are sometimes looking for natural skin-care options, she said.
The professional side recently launched a complete back-bar regimen, and is planning to launch medical-grade masks in 2019. Derma E, which Wu said continues to grow in the double digits, is launching a citrus extract peel later this year.
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